This site is about the impact of a repressed religion (in terms of mainstream religions-and the unjust bias surrounding our religion) on your fellow students of Thomas Jefferson High School. This site will inform you on what you never knew: what our religion really is-what we truly believe happened, how we worship or don’t worship, when we celebrate and why, and most importantly, how it truly affects fellow TJ students and their high school lives. How your rude assumptions about are depiction of God hurt us. This site also includes resources for TJ Pastafarians who feel their all alone, an opportunity to join us, and a gallery of all of the images used. Please browse and read through carefully, for the next time you encounter a Pastafarian. Then you know more about him or her, and you know not to judge his or her beliefs. We don’t want to seem like we’re whiny three year olds, but the things people say about being a Pastafarian is ridiculous. And we don’t need that in our lives. So please think before you speak about the FSM.

Some Pasta

Pasta to represent His Noodliness.