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Great. Welcome. Come on in. There’s no indoctrination. We don’t have any set rules. We’re not that uptight about our religion. Feel free to worship however you feel like. We also don’t mind if you’re a part of another religion. It’s totally okay. We don’t really mind all that much. We’re kind of a big patched up quilt. We haven’t fought for any holy land or anything either. There are no special vestments, there’s no special music. It’s up to you. On the resources page there’s some stuff that might help you out. It can be a little lonely being a Pastafarian because we’re pretty spread out, so just know that there are millions who share your beliefs. just because we’re not your neighbors doesn’t mean we don’t exist. His Noodliness also accepts LGBT members into his loving embrace. He loves everyone. So welcome into the Noodly love.

Every friday is a religious holiday. Just so you know. We (as a whole) usually celebrate with bread, beer, and pasta.

If you have any questions or comments, hit up the ‘Contact Me’ Tab.

Some Bread

Bread for celebrating.