Judgment of the FSM

There’s quite a load of smoke that surround our religion.  Most of that smoke is bias from other religions (Fundamentalist Christians, really)-or the shrewd people who think we’re a joke. But let me take a moment to clear up some of the smoke and some of the jokes, and just give you some facts:

  • We are a real religion with, believe it or not, millions of followers worldwide.
  • We do not have strictures like other religions, we worship however we feel like we ought to (there are a few things that are common, but you can do whatever you want)-You can be as enthused or as passive as you feel.
  • We accept anyone, even if they are a part of a different religion. You don’t have to completely convert to being a Pastafarian.
  • Yes, we do believe that pirates were the first Pastafarians and that they were portrayed as ruthless criminals by Christian accounts that were accepted as true fact, when they were actually quite peaceful explorers.
  • There are no special ceremonies for becoming a Pastafarian-no bathing you in oil or breaking glass or anything like that. It’s a personal choice that you alone make-and if you join us, great. But we don’t indoctrinate people.
  • The FSM and the Church of the FSM accepts everyone. We do not reject LGTB members. The FSM has not shown any real pull for/against it, but He will accept all into his loving, Noodly embrace.
  • We don’t take ourselves to seriously. We think that to be sent to hell, you need to a bit more than sneak cookies before dinner or work on Sunday-for us, Friday.
  • We are particularly fond of beer-as a whole.
  • We are the only religion that has not been in a war for our religion’s sake.
  • We are unique in the fact that we embrace the contradictions we find.
  • We do have religious holidays (that are still not recognized by most education systems) which are:
    • Every Friday
    • Talk Like a Pirate Day
    • September 13, which is: International Chocolate Day, National Cheese Pizza Day, and National Cheeseburger Day.
    • Darwin day
  • These holidays are celebrated usually with bread, beer, or (of course) pasta.

Don’t feel like you have to celebrate the days I’ve listed. As I said, it’s up to you as to how you show your faith. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to go through the ‘Contact Me’ Tab.


Bread for celebrating Friday.